About us

Saadi Company is the largest supplier of dates in the Middle East, so that it is able to supply 10 thousand tons of dates from the best gardens of this product every year. This company is one of the oldest companies active in supplying and exporting dates. The main exports of this company are to countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Canada, England and Persian Gulf countries.

Saadi Company is commitment to provide safety of the products and sustainability in the process of producing. Every produced product of Saadi goes through several quality control steps and guarantees that only the best quality reaches to final consumers.
About us


Saadi Food gives a commitment to product quality to all customers


The credit of Saadi Food is the satisfaction of our many customers


Saadi Food tries to improve its services by bringing together experts in this field

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Saadi Food is always progressing by welcoming the best ideas

What Goals

Saadi is a pioneer and active in the field of production and export of quality dates. We are a mission-based company whose goal is to set high standards in line with global markets and secure product supply and delivery, thereby satisfying buyers.At SAADI Co. we believe that success depends on the supply of high-quality products that meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations of our brand products. Fundamental to this is the responsibility to ensure the quality and food safety of all the products we manufacture and export. For meeting this aim, improving the quality of Product and safety practices can strengthen production process, improve staff performance, and accelerate attainment of Sustainability Development Goals.


what goals


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