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Established as a pioneering presence in the date industry, Saadi Company stands tall as the premier exporter of dates in the Middle East, annually distributing over 10,000 tons of premium quality dates sourced from the region’s finest orchards. With a heritage that echoes through decades, we’ve built a reputation for being an active contributor to the date supply and export industry. Our company’s prolific output extends beyond our regional boundaries, reaching countries around the globe. Our premium dates are cherished in key markets like India, Bangladesh, China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey. Beyond these, our succulent, handpicked dates have also found favor in Canada, the UK, and across the vast expanse of the Persian Gulf. Saadi Company, indeed, is not just a business; it’s an international ambassador of Middle Eastern date culture.

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Saadi's experienced consultants are ready to respond and advise their buyers around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Saadi guarantees the stability and safety of its products and quick sending with having an experienced quality control team

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quick sending of products by Saadi company in various ways as sea shipment, transportaion, air freight or mixed ways to different areas of the world are now possible .

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Saadifood exporter of dates

Saadi, a longstanding and trustworthy producer and exporter of dates, has the capability to cater to bulk orders across all seasons, ensuring continuity and consistency in quality. Our agile business model empowers our customers to customize their packaging to align with market trends, rules, and regulations. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we adhere to the highest standards of safety, delivering products of unparalleled quality. Our promise goes beyond the norm, with a steadfast guarantee of aflatoxin-free and pesticide-free dates. Our unwavering commitment is towards providing safe, top-tier produce that satisfies global regulations and customer expectations. Choose Saadi for world-class, toxin-free dates, delivered as per your requirements

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